Sunday, 24 June 2018

Blog Tour: The Aladdin Trial by Abi Silver

Title: The Aladdin Trial

Author: Abi Silver

Pages: 368 pages

Publication: 28th June 2018 by Lightning Books

1 line synopsis: An elderly patient is found dead having fallen 11 stories - but was she pushed?
It’s my turn on The Aladdin Trial blog tour for Lightning Books! Thanks to the publisher for providing me with a copy of this fantastic legal thriller and introducing me to a new favourite genre I didn’t even know existed.

When it comes to crime books, I’m always looking for something new and interesting because once you’ve read a few crime books, it can feel like you’ve read all of them. The Aladdin Trial is the refreshing, exciting, and gripping book I needed to reinvigorate my love for the genre.

My favourite thing about this book is the fact that it’s told primarily from the point of view of the defense lawyers. I’ve read plenty of police procedurals but the lawyer is a character often underplayed and negatively portrayed, and The Aladdin Trial offers you this exciting new perspective and makes you feel like you’re getting a look behind the scenes.

Something else I really enjoyed about this book was how topical it was. For one, it talks about the NHS in a way that shows its struggles and the pressures on the system. Secondly, it handles the subject of immigration really well, which I appreciated considering the post-Brexit world we live. Finally, I loved the AI element - I’d read To Be a Machine by Mark O’Connell recently and so the issues surrounding AI were already on my mind and I was so excited to see these issues being dealt with in fiction too.

Aside from all of these elements, at the heart of The Aladdin Trial is a very well-executed and gripping whodunnit. I was guessing right up until all was revealed, and Silver worked hard to make sure you had a very good reason for suspecting everyone mentioned. Ultimately, it’s a great read and I will certainly be buying The Pinocchio Brief. I gave The Aladdin Trial 4 out of 5 stars and would highly recommend it to anyone who loves crime but is looking for something a bit different. You can buy it from Amazon here where it's just £3.99 on Kindle and you can find out more about Abi Silver over on her website!