Wednesday, 10 January 2018

2018 Resolutions

In order to stick to resolutions, I find it best to publish them to the internet so that I can hold myself accountable. I’ve already reflected on my 2017 resolutions and I’ve spent a considerable amount of time deciding on 2018 resolutions which are challenging but attainable - or at least, I hope they are.

Reduce my TBR by 50%

One thing I learnt when reflecting on last year was that my resolutions were really too vague to be of any use, and it was difficult to evaluate them. As mentioned in my 2017 post, drastic action is necessary in 2018 to combat my TBR. Here are the (scary) facts:

No. of books on my TBR at the beginning of 2018: 108
Oldest book on my TBR: 8 years
No. of books on my TBR bought in 2017: 46

I crave that feeling of having no books unread at home, and being able to walk into a bookshop and buy a stack of books, knowing that that’s my reading sorted for the next couple of weeks. No guilt, no panic, no excess.

In an ideal world, I’d love to have none of the books currently on my TBR still there at the end of the year, but without brutally DNFing and not going to work or uni, I don’t think that’s realistic. I also know that I will continue acquiring books, although hopefully not buying so many. Instead, my goal is to go into 2019 with under 50 unread books. With the help of audiobooks and blinkered vision when it comes to bookshop BOGOF offers, I think I can do this.

Read 10% of the year’s books in German

There are 21 books currently sat on my shelves that are in German (6 of them are Harry Potter). Soon after graduating in July, I realised I missed German more than I could have ever thought possible after 4 gruelling years of degree, and this year I want to keep the German candle burning. I also had a bit of shock when I tried speaking German and it didn’t come as easily as I’d hoped, so this way I can keep my language skills going.

Read 2 Agatha Christies/Agatha Christie-related books a month

A long-term goal of mine is to read all of what is out there to do with Agatha Christie, from the biographies to the journals to her crime and her romances. Of the books on my TBR, 18 of them are to do with Agatha Christie and I know that I’m likely to gain more because they’re my weakness in secondhand bookshops. 2 Christies a month seems achievable as the average Poirot doesn’t take long and I like the idea of having a steady stream of Christie in my life.

I think 3 is enough to be getting on with, as 2018 is set to be an incredibly packed year. I will be finishing my MA, I’ll be moving again, and I’ll have to get a Proper Adult Job, and that’s only the stuff that I know is going to happen. Here’s to an exciting 2018! What are resolutions? Let me know in the comments below!