Saturday, 6 January 2018

2017 Resolution Reflection

After a short break from blogging and a bit of a revamp, I am back! It was a bit touch-and-go to begin with as to whether Readabilitea would return but lo, I am here, and today I’m talking resolutions.

2017 was the first year I can remember definitely making resolutions that I could be held accountable for and throughout the year I thought I was doing okay, but upon reflection they were quite unhelpfully vague. Nevertheless, I did try.

Cruelty-free cosmetics

This one gets a tick! Lush became my new best friend in 2017 and I made the switch to cruelty-free shampoo, skincare products and make-up.

Read more non-fiction

Here is where it gets vague. Who knows what ‘more’ means? I didn’t start tracking my reading properly until 2017 so I’m very unsure as to whether I read ‘more’ non-fiction than previous years. I do know that 30% of the books I read last year were non-fiction and that feels like quite a lot. Tick, I guess.

Read more diversely

Again, I don’t have any stats from previous years so I don’t know how it compares but I do know that this is one I can definitely do better at. Only 20% of the books I read were by PoC authors. Looking at my spreadsheet, I can see that my reading becomes more white and straight in the second half of the year, and I know it’s just down to laziness and reading what the white middle-class publishing industry puts in front of me, rather than searching beyond my comfort zone. I need to do better at this and I’ll be trying to read books published by more diverse publishing houses and imprints, e.g. Dialogue Books.

2 book reviews a month

Book reviews always tend to be the least-read posts on my blog but nevertheless, I persevered and managed to post 2 book reviews a month for 10 out of the 12 months of the year. Check out my review catalogue for all previous reviews.

Learn more bloggy things

I didn’t manage to do very well at this one at all. It’s still a goal of mine to have my own domain name and build a proper website for my blog rather than using the god-awful Blogger, but at the moment it isn’t possible due to time and money constraints.

Buy fewer books

Another vague resolution to round things up! I don’t know how many books I acquired in 2016 but I managed to gain 113 books in 2017 which strikes me as too many for someone who wanted to cut down on their book-buying. I didn’t buy all of them though - a lot of them came from friends and family for my birthday and I finally started to receive a few books from publishers which is all very exciting. It doesn’t solve my TBR problem though and drastic action will need to be taken in 2018.

Did you make 2017 resolutions? How did they go? Will you be making any for 2018? Let me know in the comments below!
Happy reading,