Sunday, 6 August 2017

Why You Should Try Audiobooks

Last year, I thought I’d give audiobooks a go. I’m not sure what inspired this action but a year and a half later, I’m still going strong on the audiobook love. Recently, someone turned to me and said “who listens to audiobooks anyway? Surely it’s just lazy people” to which I say loads of people listen to audiobooks! As I found on my day with Penguin Random House, whereas ebook sales are falling, the audiobook market is increasing year on year.

(This article is a particularly interesting read for more audiobook stats).

If you haven’t thought of giving audiobooks a go, here are the reasons I think you should.

  1. Fit reading in anywhere

The great thing about audiobooks is that you don’t have to be only listening to the audiobook (although that’s good too). I often listen to my audiobooks when I’m walking around town or when I’m doing my washing up or cleaning my room. Audiobooks fit so well into these nuggets of mundane life and so for especially busy people who still want to read, they are the perfect option.

  1. Read more!

You would be amazed at how quickly you get through an audiobook when you only listen to it in one of the nuggets of mundane life mentioned above. Coupled with a love of reading physical books, the amount you read per month can increase by quite a lot. I went from reading a couple of books a month to 5-6 with the help of audiobooks.

  1. Carry your books with you

Gone are the days where audiobooks mean having a CD player to play the 30 CDs that make up a book. Now you can download apps and have your audiobooks on your phone and can play them about the house, or in the car, wherever you go.

  1. Accessibility

If you struggle to hold a book for long periods of time or if you are hard of hearing, then audiobooks are perfect for you! They can also be listened to in the dark before bed, and can help you drift off. Also, if you found at school that you learnt better by listening, then you’re more likely to retain the information of an audiobook that you would if you were reading the same book.

  1. Brilliant narrators/dramatisations

A really good audiobook makes a book come to life. Actors do tremendous jobs when recording an audiobook, making sure to give each character their own voice and making you believe that you are in the room with the characters. When you listen to an audiobook which has a good actor, it’s just as great a feeling as when you find a book that just gets you.

Do you listen to audiobooks? Why do you enjoy listening to them? Let me know by commenting below!
Happy reading,