Saturday, 26 August 2017

Do Audiobooks Count?

I’ve been hammering on about audiobooks for a while now; I’ve tried to persuade as many people as possible to give audiobooks a go, and I’ve also recommended 5 audiobooks I think are great starter choices. Today I’m talking about whether audiobooks count. As in, do you count them as ‘read’?

I recently read this article on Book Riot where despite having ‘internally processed’ the stories and having experienced every word, the author doesn't count the audiobooks as read when it comes to tracking their reads of 2017. Whenever they recommend a book to their friends that they actually listened to instead of read, it always comes with the disclaimer that it was an audiobook.

Don’t get me wrong, I see the arguments from this side of the argument. You don’t have actual words on the page that you read with your eyes. But it’s as the author says, you’ve still experienced all of the words in the story, you have imagined everything going on in the book as you would have if you had read it with your eyes.

Secondly, some people can’t read the words with their eyes - do we say that those whose only reading can come from audiobooks doesn’t count?

I do count my audiobooks on my read list, and yes, it does come with a little bracket that says audiobook but that’s mainly because I find it interesting to see my ratio of ebooks:physical books:audiobooks, not because I think they’re lesser in any way. Perhaps the solution is to have a new word for the reading of an audiobook!

What do you think? Do you count your audiobooks on your reads of the year list? Discuss with me in the comments below!
Happy reading,