Wednesday, 9 August 2017

Anticipated Releases Aug-Dec 2017

I’m very good at knowing what’s new out, but I’m really not often on top of what’s out in the coming months. However, in the second half of 2017, I know of a few books which I am really excited for.

All I know about this is that 1. It’s been out in the US for a while and 2. It’s a murder mystery set in a bookshop. SIGN ME UP.

We all know how susceptible I am to hype and trends, and hygge was no exception. I adored The Little Book of Hygge when I got it for Christmas and it sparked this whole new part of my life where I’ve started to learn Danish. I found out at PRH JobHack that there is a new book coming from the same author in the same style and I am so ready for it!

Does this need explaining?

I love milk and honey and I cannot wait for more of Rupi Kaur’s writing to come into my life.

Jen Campbell is one of my favourite BookTubers, and until recently I hadn’t read any of her books. I’ve now read her nonfiction books The Bookshop Book and Weird Things Customers Say in Bookshops and my love for her has deepened. I feel like I’ve kind of been behind the scenes of this book and so I’m excited to see it come into being. Also, it sounds magical.

I still haven’t read Autumn, but I have read How To Be Both which showed me that I really like Ali Smith’s writing. I really like the idea behind these seasonal publications, and also the cover for Winter is goooorgeous.

What's coming out that you're excited for? Let me know, I can always do with more book releases in my life!
Happy reading,