Saturday, 4 February 2017

In Defence of Rereading

It wasn’t until a couple of months into book blogging that I realised how much of a bad wrap rereading books gets sometimes. I do get why it isn’t some people’s thing: there are so many more new books and so little time, why would you spend time on a book you’ve already read? Well that my friends, is what I’m here to talk about today.

The main reason I reread books is comfort. I return yearly to the Harry Potter books because they fill me with joy and I always discover new details that stick with me. They make me happy and all of my close friends enjoy them as much as I do so as well as surrounding me with my fictional friends, rereading the Harry Potters also surrounds me with my real friends too.

On a similar note, rereading books is what I tend to do when I’m not in a particularly good place mentally. At these times, I don’t have the energy to read a brand new book, no matter how long it’s been sat on my TBR or how exciting a new release it is. Sometimes, I just need a book to keep my reading life alive and to not shock me with anything new.

The secondary reason I reread books is because I find it helps me analyse a book further. I have a troublesome tendency to race through a book and form quick opinions about it, meaning that by the end of it I could have completely missed out on something someone else picked up. If I already know the plot (the thing that drives me when it comes to reading), then rereading gives me the chance to mull things such as character motivations and the writing style over a bit more.

Also, there’s just something about returning to a book you read as a child, isn’t there? Reading Matilda by Roald Dahl for example, was a wonderful experience because I couldn’t remember much of the story that wasn’t in the film, and so it was essentially a new book for me.

There are even books that I know I have read, but could tell you so ashamedly little about them that I might as well have not. A lot of the books on my reread TBR are such cases, where I’ve either tried to battle Anna Karenina too young, or I’ve rushed through The Secret History and haven’t truly grasped the full narrative.

What’s your stance on rereading? Is it something you do often? Let me know in the comments below!
Happy reading,