Thursday, 5 January 2017

Guest Post: Fragile Things by Neil Gaiman

My boyfriend has spoken about doing a guest post for my blog for a while, and a few days after Christmas he was suspiciously quiet and furiously typing on his laptop. It turns out, he was writing this 'review' of Fragile Things by Neil Gaiman. Enjoy!

Fragile Things

Neil Gaiman

Overall, Things is medium-surreal/surreal, to be expected from a classic Gaiman. On the neck, there are subtle hints of difficult topics, discussed with patience and intensity. Poems provide a pinch of pepper on the palate. High-notes include a delightful Conan Doyle-Lovecraft fusion (A Study in Emerald), very rewarding for the casual drinker; Instructions on finding yourself in a fantasy; and a rich woody tang.


Plenty of excitement throughout the pieces, which vary unpredictably to the delight the drinker. Following the proposed order, the collection darts from Gaiman’s strengths to his strengths - upsetlling [sic] at points, and fantasy-noir at others. It is green.


A nice crunch from the longer stories, like Monarch of the Glen, building on rich flavours of American Gods. Shorter pieces provide a bites with a great variety of textures, some a bit tougher, requiring some chewing (the Hidden Chamber), whilst others are smooth and sweet (Locks). Overall the body comes together very coherently, though can be enjoyed in the suggested order or a permutation.


At £8.99 in paperback, Things compares favourably to more expensive bottles. A careful balance of richness and energy makes it very re-drinkable.


Food pairings:
Different sections would suit different dishes. Steampunky Sunbird, with it’s gastro undertones,  would go well with a roast partridge, pommes Dauphinoise, and buttered green beans. Goliath, a mix of sci-fi and paranoia, bottled for the original release of the Matrix, is a delight with a can of coke.

Fragile Things is a crisp anthology of fantasy, sci-fi, poetry and other less classifiable pieces. Refreshing variety combined with more serious and complex flavours keeps the drinker's attention throughout.


Have you read Fragile Things? What did you think of this post? I would love to hear your feedback and I'm sure my boyfriend would too!
Happy reading,