Saturday, 3 September 2016

List: 5 Book Blogger Confessions

Recently, I’ve been away from the blogging scene and I’ve been missing it massively. It got me thinking about my life before I started blogging and getting much more involved in books in a social way. It made me realise that before I started to blog about books, I expected certain things to be true about a book blogger: only ever reads, manages to finish a bajillion books in a month, always has perfect posts scheduled months in advance. The result of those thoughts are the following 5 book blogger confessions, I hope you enjoy!

  1. My reading pace has decreased

Before blogging, I finished a book on average within 2 days. It was not rewarding in the slightest. I wasn’t engaging at all and was just reading for the sake of being able to say I’d ‘read’ a book. Now I’ve been thinking about what I’m reading a lot more, questioning an author’s decision, or dissecting a character’s actions. Ultimately it’s a much healthier approach, but it does mean that I read fewer books.

  1. I reread a lot more

One reason I reread books more now is because I feel endlessly guilty about not giving them the attention they deserve the first time round, but that’s not the only reason...

Now, I also reread books because I love them more. Engaging and interacting with a book makes the experience a million times better and I fall deeper in love with them than I ever thought possible. It’s a serious problem seeing as I already have a towering TBR (more on that in a bit) but I just can’t let go of some books that easily, so I reread them. I regularly reread the Harry Potters and I’ve managed to read ACOMAF twice in one month because going back into these worlds is like going back to a comfy home in Autumn with an oversized jumper and a mug of tea.

  1. My TBR hates me

My pre-blogging TBR was already mahoosive, as I’m constantly moving around and can never take all of my books with me so wherever I settle I start a new collection of books. At the moment I have books at my mum’s house, at my nan’s house, and at my boyfriend’s house with a new collection coming soon when I move back to York. This leads to me never being in the same place as all of my unread books so you can imagine the build up. Then I started blogging and buying more books based on hype and recommendations. Bad for the wallet, bad for the Goodreads. There are just too many books to read and not enough time.

  1. I recommend books that I haven’t read

Do other people do this? Is this strange? I feel like it’s a side effect of being so deep in the book community. I hear about so many books on a day-to-day basis, and when a book is especially hyped and talked about often, I feel like I already know the book. Then when a friend asks me for book recommendations, I know exactly what I think they’d like based on what I’ve heard about books. Nobody suspects a thing until they ask me what I thought about it and I have to bashfully admit that I haven’t actually read it…

  1. I write my blog posts by talking them out to myself first

Many people sing in the shower, but I plan and narrate blog posts to myself. Again, am I only one who does this? Everyone always talks about having a blogging voice and I think I have taken this a bit too literally and now just imagine my blog posts almost like casual speeches, I guess. As I narrate them to myself I use hand gestures and everything, it’s saddening that you don’t get to see them. It makes me think I’d be a good Booktuber, but Booktube kind of feels intimidating with all of the aesthetics involved and the time and the technology which I’m not sure I could get my head round. Maybe one day, eh?

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