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List: 30 Bookish Facts

Cait @ Paper Fury recently came up with these 30 bookish questions and inspiration did indeed strike, so I decided to do it too! Along with my 10 Facts About Me post, I thought it would be a good way of you guys getting to know me a little more.

  1. Currently reading? Girls Will Be Girls: Dressing Up, Playing Parts, And Daring to Act Differently by Emer O’Toole.

  1. Should’ve read, like, yesterday? Literally anything that was on my TBR before I went and got loads of new books for my birthday.

  1. Book that impacted you? Don’t Sleep There Are Snakes by Daniel Everett. I think my boyfriend gave it to me and I read it and became very interested in linguistics, which led to me writing an extended essay on linguistic relativity and eventually applying to university to do a linguistics degree.

  1. Hyped vs. backlist titles? Hyped! I hate feeling left out and love being able to gush about books with loads of people.

  1. Current series crush? ACOTAR/ACOMAF - I really enjoyed ACOTAR but I wasn’t obsessed until I read ACOMAF and I haven’t been able to move on since. It’s about equality, dealing with PTSD, and embracing feminine sexuality, which are things we don’t see much of in books (although I’d like to think things are changing and if I’m wrong please send suggestions my way).

  1. How strong is your self-control around books? I have been known to leave a bookshop without buying a book.

  1. Plot vs. characters? Characters! Plots that are slow-paced can be saved by some hella interesting characters for me.

  1. Would you write under a pseudonym? I am not a writer, but if I were then I would use my own name because I’d want people to know that I wrote something!

  1. Would you marry your bookshelf? I would definitely marry my future bookshelf because that’s going to look bangin’ but at the moment I’m having to do with the shelves that came with the house which are built in and not tall enough and very deep and I don’t like them.

  1. Do you ever get sick of reading? Sadly, yes. I usually just take a break from reading anything.

  1. Random bookish memory? When I finished reading Her by Harriet Lane, I threw it across the room. It’s the first and only book I’ve ever done that to.

  1. Character you relate to? I don’t tend to relate to characters that much, but the two that come to mind are Hermione Granger and Nat from The Love That Split the World by Emily Henry, because a few things she said about her life really stuck with me.
  1. Do you own bookish merchandise? Thanks to wonderful friends I own a Mockingjay necklace, a Hermione Funko, a Hogwarts notebook and a handmade Hogwarts bracelet with charms. I want to branch out though and I have my eye on some bookish candles (*cough* Rhysand by Meraki Candles *cough*).

  1. Controversial opinion? I can’t stand Snape. At all.


  1. Why didn’t I love this? I really felt like I should have loved In A Dark Dark Wood by Ruth Ware, and it *was* good, just not the amazing thriller I was expecting.

  1. Hardcover vs. paperback? Hardbacks because they are beautiful and stand up by themselves for photos but paperbacks because they’re cheaper and less heavy.

  1. Do you ever like villains? I’m too much of a goody-two-shoes and usually prefer the hero.

  1. Cringeable reads? Twilight and 50 Shades. Ew.

  1. Where do you get your books from? I buy new books from Waterstones and my used books are usually from Oxfam or the British Heart Foundation.

  1. Haunting read? American Psycho. I’m not sure why I picked it up to begin with but man those murder scenes are permanently imprinted on my brain and I’m not sure they’re going anywhere any time soon. (It was a great book, but I’m not going to be rereading it for A LONG WHILE).

  1. Highly anticipated upcoming release? Empire of Storms by Queen Sarah J Maas.

  1. Annoying character qualities? Self-centred - Mare in Glass Sword really frustrated me because of this trait. It was like she had absolutely no interest in everybody else’s suffering and feelings. Blergh. No thank you.

  1. Least favourite genre? I don’t think I’ve ever read any historical fiction. I have a bizarre relationship with history because if you go too far back I will be convinced that it didn’t happen. I just find it hard to imagine!

  1. Best tropes? As long as it’s done well, romance in books that aren’t about romance. Excluding instalove because that’s just irritating and unrealistic.

  1. Rereading? Yes! Sometimes rereads are the only things that can get me out of book slumps/hangovers. Also I love going back into a world that I love.

  1. Have you abused a book? I highlighted and notated my GCSE and A Level texts but haven’t done that since. I’m not completely against it though and would like to start because I think it’s a way of interacting with the book even more.

  1. Series you quit on? In April I read Passenger by Alexandra Bracken and wasn’t particularly enthused by it, but originally did want to read Wayfarer when it came out next year, but now I’m not so bothered.

  1. Wish it wasn’t a standalone? It turns out I don’t read many standalones but I would like to because waiting for the next book in a series is HEARTBREAKING.

  1. Bad bookworm side-effects? Buying books when I already have a gazillion to read, usually using the excuse of “but the book I want to read is in X place and the books I have here with me are not ones I want to read right now”. It’s bad. My TBR hates me.

If you read this and decide to have a go yourself, let me know about your post and comment below!

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