Saturday, 6 August 2016

Discussion: DNF Deadlines

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The dreaded Goodreads shelf, the reluctant reaction, the necessary action to get through as many good books as possible: DNF (did not finish).

I used to never leave a book unfinished. I always felt guilty, and I would push and push until I’d made it through and then I would complain for days about how it had wasted my time and how little I enjoyed it. The poor book.

Now, things are different. Being in such a bookish community has made me finally realise that a) there are a lot of good books in the world and b) there is not enough time to finish them all. Whilst this partly fills me with dread - because I am never going to read all the good books in the world - it also makes me determined to have has many good reading experiences as possible, and so I have started to just stop reading books if I’m not enjoying them. It could be for many reasons: maybe the plot isn't interesting for me, the writing style not quite right, the pacing too slow, or I'm just not in the mood for something. Maybe someday I'll pick the book up again and give it a go but for the time being the right choice is to just stop.

Somewhere around the 50% mark is where I usually know whether I wanted to carry on with a book or not, and I think that’s my “deadline”, if you will. If I reach 50% and I no longer want to read on, for whatever reason, I will DNF it. Obviously, it also depends on how big the book is; I don’t think I’d wait until 50% through Les Mis to DNF it if I wasn’t enjoying. So my question today is: when do you decide to DNF a book? Do you always wait until a certain point or do you decide based on gut feeling whenever? I’ve already heard several answers, varying from 50 pages to a quarter of the way through.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on DNFing in general and how long you wait until you DNF a book so don’t forget to comment below!

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