Thursday, 7 July 2016

Monthly TBRs

Hello wonderful people of the book blogging world,

It's July! Mental that we're more than halfway through 2016, but judging by world events that can only be a good thing. Anyway, seeing as it's the beginning of the month, it's typical for us to see bookstagram photos and blog posts about July TBRs (To Be Read). I love seeing these photos, not just because I'm interested in seeing what people want to pick up in a given month and whether I've read it, but rather because it feels me with a sense of admiration; how do these people know that they're going to read these books this month? How do they choose in advance?

I am a lover of lists and all things organisational, so planning a month's reading in advance is - in theory - right up my street. And the thought of doing it is appealing. It would be a great way of whittling down my TBR pile of books I already own. Yet I don't do it.

Part of the reason is because I am almost never in the same place as the books I want to read - case number one: I ordered ACOTAR and ACOMAF last week, knowing they would arrive in time for my arrival in the UK, but unfortunately I didn't have enough time to start them, and I couldn't bring them back to Germany with me because they would only take up more luggage space when I finally move back to the UK next week (!!). 

Also, I'm a mood reader. Whilst I may feel like reading a book at the beginning of the month, this might not be the case a couple of books down the line. I usually want what I can't have, too, for instance I recently sent The Girl in the Red Coat back to the UK because it'd been on my Germany shelf for months and I still hadn't read it. Lo and behold a few days later and I've got a hankering for a crime book and I know the perfect choice!
TBR jars are a definite no-no for me. Like I said, I like organisation, I like planning, I do not like spontaneity (unless it's a huge surprise for a special occasion or something). I'd behave exactly the same way as I do with my Spotify playlist: shuffle until you find something you like. I'd be putting books back into the jar until I found one I did want to read, which kind of defeats the point, doesn't it?

Maybe when I'm in the same place as my books, a monthly TBR pile will look even more appealing and you'll soon be seeing photos of stacks of books I think I can read in 30 days. For now though, I pick up any book I fancy and my TBR keeps growing because of it.

I would love to know how you choose what to read next! Do you create monthly TBR piles? Do you use a jar or other random-choice system? Let me know in the comments below!

Love to you all,