Thursday, 5 May 2016

Discussion: The Secret Blog

Hello fellow readers and bloggers!

This week's discussion is inspired by a post I read a couple of weeks ago by Sarah over at Kerosene Lit, where she spoke about her blog as being her secret. I read this post and I couldn't believe I found someone like me, who couldn't bear their boyfriend telling his mother about their girlfriend's blogging escapades and hadn't told many friends about her blog AT ALL.

1. It's very new

I'm still finding my feet in terms of blogging - my posts aren't as regular as I would like, my Instagram has no theme/consistency, and my following isn't that big. In this early stage of blogging, I don't want people to know about my blog because I just think it would lead to conversations like "what makes you think you're good enough for people to read your blog?", and "are you really going to keep it up though?". I'd like to wait a couple of months to establish myself before letting the cat out of the bag, so that it doesn't seem like a phase that I'm going through in the adventure to find out what I want to do with my life.

2. Fangirling

Everyone knows I love books and that I read a lot, but I'm not sure how many people know what kind of books I read or how much I love the books I read. Blogging is where I get to rant about the instalove in Passenger and the love triangle in Throne of Glass, and get excited about upcoming releases and all things Harry Potter. I have the feeling a lot of people just wouldn't understand this aspect of me if they knew just how vicious a passion it was. I also think some of my friends would be likely to comment on the types of books I'm reading and dismiss them as unsuitable for people my age - since starting to blog, I've read a lot more YA and I think some of my friends expect me to be reading the entirety of the Man Booker longlist instead (not in addition to) - I am of course of the opinion "READ WHATEVER YOU WANT." Do not mark a genre as your "guilty pleasure" because you shouldn't feel guilty for reading something you enjoy! Unfortunately, I don't think some people in my real life would understand.

*P.S. if someone is willing to discuss the aforementioned instalove and love triangle then please comment below!*

3. It's personal

This ties in with the 2nd point but my blog is MY SPACE. I can discuss whichever books I want, and there will be someone out there in the blogosphere who will want to discuss it too, and I can say whatever I want because I'm not scared about being alone in an opinion - something which often happens in my real life. Book bloggers are wonderful because we stay calm when someone presents another opinion and have an actual discussion with them rather than batting them down when express something that we completely disagree with. Also, the wonders of the internet mean you have time to think properly about a book and engage with it before you make comments about it to someone, which happens all too rarely in real life.

None of this is to say that I am not proud of my blog. I AM SUPER PROUD. I can't believe that I've managed to find something I love and enjoy so much, and I'm doing it all by myself! It's just right now, it's not the time to be telling people about something that is so personal to me. Maybe in a few years...

If you have a blog, do you tell people about it? Either way, why? Let me know by commenting below!

Love to you all,