Thursday, 26 May 2016

Different Opinions

Hello wonderful readers! This week I'd like to talk - nicely - about something that has been bothering me for quite a while.

I originally started blogging because I found myself tearing through pages of books but not actually getting anything from them. I would read for the sake of being able to say "I've read that" and I didn't feel like I was engaging as much as I could do. Blogging seemed the perfect way to start interacting with fellow book lovers and discuss the things that I did want to discuss, it's just there was nobody to discuss them with. The conversations about the pros and cons of that OTP or why that part of the storyline didn't agree with? I was so up for that! (Note: I still am, so give me a shout if you're also game).

I finished Queen of Shadows last week and I really enjoyed it. I stayed up extra late to finish it, I had my first book hangover because of it, and even after sleeping on it I was willing to say it was a 5* read. I even wanted to write a blog post entirely devoted to the Throne of Glass series and how much I enjoyed it and why. But, evidently, I haven't done so - yet.

Just after finishing QoS, the bookish Twitterverse seemed to blow up with all kinds of opinions being presented (not necessarily in the nicest of ways) about Sarah J. Maas and her books and suddenly my bubble was burst. I've never been one for debating; I sit on the fence for as long as possible because I can usually see both sides, and I am often all too easily persuaded by either side of a debate. When there was this onslaught of negative opinions towards the series, I didn't know what to do with myself.

I suddenly felt very guilty for liking the series so much. Why hadn't I picked up on these things myself? If so many people think this, how can I justify liking the series? WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME?

A few days later, and I find myself writing this post with a refreshed outlook. I see the flaws of the series - the plot may not be the most complex there is, it does move slowly at times, and some of the relationships shouldn't be viewed without criticism - but they don't affect my opinion of the books. After a bit of an internal battle, I would still say ToG is one of my favourite series, and that QoS is one of my favourite books. So how did I come to this conclusion after so many different opinions?

  1. Accept that when you read a book, you are reading it with completely different eyes to anyone else. That sounds so cliché, I know, but bare with me. You will be more affected by some things, and less affected by others. You will notice details that are important to you, and you will have your own reasons for identifying with that character everyone else seems to hate. When you read a book, it becomes your own, that's just how this whole fictional thing works. 
  2. Use different opinions as an opportunity to think about the book *even more*. I don't mean use it as opportunity to just ignore all the naysayers and convince yourself you're right and everybody else is wrong. What I mean is, think about why they think what they think, and whether there's any truth to it, and why it's perhaps not so big an issue for you. 
  3. Find the people that agree with you! Revel in your feelings together, whilst also not forgetting that people think differently and that is a good thing. 

Finally, let's all just be nice to each other yeah? We're all in this because we share a love of books, and sharing our love of books through blogging and bookstagramming and tweeting is a way for us to encourage conversations about them. So don't then be rude when someone voices a different opinion, don't block them because they dared disagree with you. Pretty please.

How do you deal with different opinions to books you love? Let me know in the comments below, I really would love to hear!

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Until Sunday my dear online friends,